Israeli Gov’t to sponsor crisis management workshop in Cebu

IMG_6484After their emergency humanitarian response, the Isreali Government is coming back to Cebu to hold a mass event and disaster preparedness workshop.

Israeli Ambassador Menashe Bar-On offered the assistance to Governor Hilario P. Davide III in his visit to the Capitol on Thursday, February 13. He was accompanied by Philippine Honorary Consul to Israel Emily Chioson.

Vice Governor Agnes Magpale and Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office Head Neil Sanchez were also there during the meeting.

The ambassador said they have developed a friendship with the provincial government since their medical response in Bogo City last November. Now they want to assist the local government units in crisis management.

The budget of the program is US $30,000. But it will be free of charge in favor of the province. The role of the province is to choose the right participants and ensure the success of the program.

Ambassador  Menashe said he did not offer it to other provinces or to the national government as he wanted Cebu as the model of their program.

“At this moment, we have a project model. If we succeeded, I think many provinces will copy from you,” Ambassador Menashe said during the meeting.

Being the topmost priority of his administration, Gov. Davide assured his commitment for its success. He designated Sanchez to be the point person of the program.

Three Israeli experts are planning to hold the Disaster and Mass Casualty Incident Preparedness (MCI) and Management on March 2-6.

Among the listed participants are the police, army, fire fighters, hospital staff, and representatives from the local government units including the province of Cebu.

The main topics that will be discussed during the workshop are national disaster response; event and site management; command and control in disaster; media and mass communication in disaster; triage and medical management in disaster; and forensic medicine, victim’s identification and legal consideration.

It also includes lectures, table top drills and simulations.

The Israeli Defense Forces set up a field hospital in Bogo City after typhoon Yolanda devastated northern Cebu in November. They were one of the first foreign responders who came to Cebu. When they went back to Israel, they left their equipment in Bogo City.

For that, Vice Governor Magpale thanked the ambassador for finding Cebu while the focus of international help is Tacloban City, which was also hit by a storm surge. Xerxes Alkuino