Inmate nabbed for trasporting shabu

Formal complaint has been filed yesterday against an inmate from the town of Liloan for reportedly transporting shabu through his short pants at the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) two days ago.

Stanley Casona, 28, from Poblacion, Liloan is currently locked up in jail after he was transferred from the Liloan municipal cell for a drug case. He, however, denied the first accusation and alleged that somebody might have planted the prohibited drug when a police team reportedly raided his house in Liloan about three weeks ago.

IMGP0113Last Monday, there was an order to transfer him to the CPDRC and according to him, he packed up his few personal belongings including a fatigue short pants. He was then turned over to the authorities at the CPDRC with his clothes and a mat for personal use. His short pants, however, was not returned to him because, according to the jailers, wearing any fatigue clothes is prohibited inside.

On the following day, he said that he was surprised when the jail personnel informed him that when they inspected his clothes, they allegedly found a sachet containing the illegal drug known as shabu inserted at a certain part of his pants. The inmate, when interviewed by Cebu Monthly, denied the accusation and lamented that he should have been informed of the found prohibited drug on the same day he was brought to the CPDRC. On the other hand, the police said that somebody tipped them off regarding the hidden drug, which resulted to the spotting of the concealed drug.

On Wednesday, Sept. 3, Yesterday afternoon CPDRC Warden Romeo Manansala filed the formal complaint against the suspect for violation of Sec. 5, Art. 2 of Republic Act 9165 otherwise known as Transportation of Dangerous Drugs.