Guv: Monozukuri to keep Cebu a highly competitive industry dev’t hub

Governor Hilario P. Davide III is optimistic that the “Saitama-Cebu Comprehensive Human Resource Monozukuri Project” will boost Cebu’s manufacturing industry.

Monozukuri is a Japanese manufacturing approach and philosophy that aims to maximize customer satisfaction and create excellent products.

It is a culture anchored on ideas such as community co-existence, environmental harmony, and effective resource utilization.

“This philosophy resembles what we commonly believe are key ingredients in keeping Cebu a highly competitive hub for industry development,” Davide said, in his message of support to the project at a luncheon meeting with the business chambers of both provinces at Marriot Hotel.

Junichi Yoshino, executive director, Department of Public Services, Saitama Prefectural (Provincial) Government, said the transfer of “monozukuri know-how of the human resources development of universities of Saitama Prefecture to universities in Cebu, will contribute much to the advancement of the manufacturing industry here.”

Established within the framework of Japan International Cooperation Agency’s (JICA) Technical Cooperation for Grassroots Projects, it is seen to expand economic and human resource exchanges between Japan and the Philippines.

It is also designed to pave the way for the “expansion of business opportunities for Saitama-based companies aiming to contribute to the development of Cebu Province.”

According to the governor, the project does not involve monetary consideration. The trainings were already started with the students of University of San-Jose Recoletos and soon it will be extended to students in other colleges and universities.

The project is implemented with collaborations of the business chambers, academe, and Cebu and Saitama governments. The beneficiaries do not only include 200 students but also professors and local government officials.

The project which began last November will end on March 2016. The Japanese school institutions involved in the project are Toyo University, Saitama University, Shibura Institute of Technology and Nippon Institute of Technology.

Some of the activities during the duration of the project include the implementation of Monozuki Human Resource Development Courses, Environmental Education, and Job Shadowing at Companies, job-hunting orientations, conduct of gatherings among Saitama and Cebu representatives.

In line with the project, the governor of Saitama has invited Davide for a meeting in Japan on February 17-22. Davide will visit manufacturing industries, universities and public institutions in Saitama, one of the prefectures in Japan where manufacturing industry is flourishing. “The invitation will be an opportunity to acquire best practices from the Saitama government and its industries that can also be applied here in Cebu”, Davide added. Xerxes Alkuino