FSTP trainees show positive results of the farm trial

The Farmer-Scientists Training Program (FSTP) trainees in Alcantara town showed positive results in their field experiments during their Field Day last Aug. 14.

Sa ako lang bahin, mas nindot ang kanang ma kuhaan og banay tungod himsog ug bug-at og timbang kompara sa uban (I observed that the detasseled corn plant is healthy and heavier),” said Elisa Nasibog of Barangay Cabadiangan.

To detassel is to eliminate parts of pollen-producing flowers, the tassel, from the tops of corn plants and laying them on the ground. It causes cross pollination of two varieties of corn and at the same time prevents corn borer, which would dwell on the tassels.

Nasibog also found out the hybrid corn seeds produced better than Tiniguib or the native corn seeds.

Emmanuel Gregorio, supervising agriculturist of the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist, said the purpose of the Field Day is to see the initial results of their experiments.

Karon makita na nato kung asa ang dako og puso (At this point, we can already see which trial produced bigger pike of corn),” he said.

At least eight ways of corn-planting are being studied in the phase one of FSTP training. These trials include land preparation, varietal, fertilizer, detasseling, germination, integrated pest management, and corn-based intercropping.

The phase one of the training is estimated to end next month after harvest time. The farmers were from Barangay Cabadiangan and Manga.

Alcantara municipal officials led by Mayor Beatrice Caburnay and Vice Mayor Fritz Lastimoso are supportive of the program.

The barangay captains of the two barangays were also in attendance to show their support.

The second phase of the FSTP is the application of what the trainees learned from the phase one in their own farms.

“After what they learned in our program, they should no longer go back to their old ways. The purpose of the training is to improve their corn production,” he said.

All the inputs were provided by the Capitol for the entire duration of the training.

After the training, however, the Capitol will no longer provide the seeds. The farmers will have to purchase the hybrid seeds at the agri-veterinary stores.

FSTP has been implemented in the province for more than a decade but faded during the last few years. Under the new administration of Governor Hilario P. Davide III, FSTP is a prioritized program under the governor’s agriculture and food security agenda.