Five province-owned buildings undergo retrofitting

JAC_1514Five buildings, owned by the Cebu provincial government, are undergoing retrofitting which started at the early part of February this year.

These are the Capitol main building, the legislative building, the Museo Sugbo, the Cebu Cultural Center and the Cebu South Bus Terminal building which suffered varying degrees of damage caused by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in October 2013.

Retrofitting or repair and rehabilitation of the Capitol main building and the legislative building is taken on by Loren Builders with an approved budget of P2.493 million and P6.863 million, respectively.

Retrofitting includes strengthening of the existing cracked concrete columns, walls and slab sections of a building with the use of epoxy and not just ordinary cement.

Pending any unforeseen delays, the repairs are expected to be finished in 35 calendar days for the main building and 75 calendar days for the legislative building.


Repair works in Museo Sugbo is being carried out by P.B.Obial Construction for P1.450 million to last for 20 calendar days. The Cebu South Bus Terminal project awarded to BIAO Builders costs P586,166 and is to be completed in 10 calendar days.

The repairs of the Cebu Cultural Center by Bantay Construction, with an approved P7.489 million budget,has a timetable of 75 calendar days.


Some works in the Museo Sugbo, especially those involving the structures with age-old coral stones, had to be temporarily stopped. The National Historical Institute Commission still has to approve the standard and methodology of the repairs.

The same goes with the Cebu Cultural Center and its acoustic ceiling. The extent of damage still needs appraisal and the lone qualified supplier in the country, is based in Manila.

Except for the two obstacles, retrofitting of the said properties are going smoothly and are set to be finished as scheduled. Roger Serna