Five More Balamban Barangays Affected in Recent Cold Spell

Five additional barangays in Balamban town were hit by the cold spell that hit Cebu recently. According to the Provincial Veterinarian’s Office (PVO), there are now a total of 11 barangays in Balamban affected by the cold spell. This has resulted in the death of some animals in five (5) barangays of the said municipality.

Provincial Veterinarian Dr. Rose B. Vingcoy,revealed that eight more cattles and two goats succumbed to infections and skin disease (Dermatophilusis or Rainscald in layman’s term).The animals were from barangays Vito, Cabagdalan, Biasong, Singsing and Liki in Balamban. These are in addition to the earlier reported affected barangays of Gaas, Sunog, Kabasyangan, Nangka, HingatmonanangKansumoroy wherein 48 cattlesdied.

Dr. Vingcoy said that the first onset of the said skin disease wouldn’tkill the animals. However, the secondary infection would cause complications inside the animal’s body, leading to their death. Stress, malnourishment and being exposed to open fieldwithout proper shelter and careconsequently resulted to their demise.  The skin disease is common during the rainy season but coupled with the cold weather it wouldendanger the animal’s life.

To control and stop the spread of the itchy skin disease to other animals in the area, the monitoring team from the PVO distributed antibiotics, sprayed solution to drive away flies and clean the affected areas of the animals’ body. Vitamins and electrolytes were given to boost the immune system of the animals. According to Dr. Vincoy, the said logistics were distributed to the affected barangays together with sacks of feeds.

Every now and then,teams were sent to the barangays to monitor the situation. Blood samples were taken for laboratory teststo verify the infection/sthat affected the animals. Test results from last week showed that there were indeed bacterial infections on some animals. Immediate attention was given to save the other animals. Vincoy requested the residents to report any animal infected of the disease so they can be treated instead of slaughtering them for food. Consumption of infected meat would be very dangerous to human beings and animals that died of infection should be buried instead of consuming them, Vincoy added.

A team was also sent to the municipality of Asturiasto check on reports ofcattles that drowned when typhoon Basyanghit Cebu late last week.The animals that survived will be attended to and residents are advised to provide them a shelter in preparation of any calamity that may strike in the future. Ramon Gallardo