Filipina Jazz Singer donates 400k worth of Larvacide

Marlene dele Peña, a popular Filipina jazz singer based in Japan, donated P400 thousand worth of biological mosquito larvacide meant to counter the rise of dengue cases in Cebu.

Dela Peña together with EuroCare officials, turned over four (4) boxes of Biosaint larvacide to Governor Hilario P. Davide III,for distribution to areas with the most number of dengue cases including municipalities in northern Cebu hit by typhoon Yolanda.

Rose Jao, representative from Provincial Health Office was also present to receive the Biosaint larvacide products. According to Jao these mosquito larvacide products are much needed considering the rise of dengue cases in Cebu. She mentioned the towns of Balamban, San Fernando and Argao as among the municipalities in Cebu, which had high dengue cases in 2013.

“Biosaint” mosquito larvacide is a natural soil bacterium registered for mosquito larvae killer. Dean Camua of EuroCare Business Development said this product provides a new approach to mosquito larvae killer by breaking their life cycle, preventing the larvae from developing into an adult pest that is capable of spreading diseases to humans.

100g of the larvacide can kill larvae in 50,000 liter of water and has an efficacy of 25-30 days. It is considered non-toxic and non hazardous to the environment.

Governor Hilario P. Davide III thanked dela Peña for her timely donation of mosquito larvacide to the Province of Cebu.

Dela Peña came to Cebu just to hand in her donations personally to Governor Davide. “I want to make sure that this donation goes to the right hands” Dela Peña said.