Farmer sees profit in every AI brood

“For every young born out of artificial insemination (AI), we already gained profit.”

This was what Ireneo Sanopao of Barangay Vive said after his carabao gave birth to an AI offspring.

The offspring is still 22 days old. Sanopao is very happy about it, saying he already considered it as a profit because he spent nothing except the Php 150 travel cost of the AI technician.

“Maayo unta ni kon pirmi (It is very good if this will continue),” Sanopao said during the veterinary outreach program in Barangay Vive last July 22.

He said the other advantage of the AI program is that he no longer need to look for a male carabao if the caraballa or female carabao is in heat.

The Provincial Veterinarian’s Office (PVO) encouraged the livestock farmers to improve the quality of their livestock.

The current administration also placed agriculture and food security as one of its priorities.

In Ronda, Municipal AI Technician Filoteo Bucog said several barangays and individuals have already benefited from their free AI services.

But the farmers are tempted to immediately sell their animals at high prices, which is not a problem, he added.

“Our AI animals are easily sold in the market, because most buyers already know its quality,” he said.

The artificially inseminated animals are apparently bigger than the native animals.

The value of a six-monthsold AI carabao is already pegged at Php 15, thousand while the native animal of the same age is valued at Php 5,000.

As among the local implementers of the Unified National Artificial Insemination Program of the National Government, the Capitol has stored several kinds of livestock semen at its nitrogen plant.

The province has different kinds of straws from cattle, goats and other domestic animals stored in its liquid nitrogen plant at the former Department of Agriculture compound.

These are given free to the Capitol by the Philippine Carabao Center, National Artificial Breeding Center and National Dairy Authority.

Liquid nitrogen is used to preserve the semen. The Capitol distributes the semen for free but sells liquid nitrogen for Php 3,600.

There are now 45 local government units who have availed of the program. Two of them have enacted an ordinance charging fees for AI services to recoup their expenses.

For the farmers who wanted to avail of the program, they will just have to ask the assistance of the AI technician of their municipality or city.