Dev’t sector wants Davide to prioritize education, environment and good governance

DSC_0020Representatives from the development service sector want Governor Hilario P. Davide III to prioritize his agenda on education, environment and good governance in his administration.

This was the sentiment of the group in a pre-summit workshop held at the Capitol last Monday, September 16. This was the third of the series of pre-summit workshops conducted by the Capitol in preparation for the provincial development summit scheduled on October 2.

In education, the participants asked for a properly funded, relevant and competent education system.

To ensure jobs for the graduates after school, the group says it is urgent to enhancethe skills and competence of teachers as well as a continuing dialogue between the industry and the academe. .

The environment group also pushed for the conduct of disaster risk reduction and management seminars and trainings in the barangay level as a positive action to mitigate the extreme effects of climate change. They also asked for the proper utilization of the disaster funds.

In good governance, the participants urged the local government units to implement the Performance Governance System (PGS).

The objective of PGS is to “come up with a strategic performance management tool that would allow government agencies to be assessed objectively and therefore foster transparency and accountability in the different tiers of the organization.”

They also proposed for a provincial multi-sectoral office and popularization of citizen’s charter to enhance the consultative style of governance of the administration.

The Statement of Assets and Liabilities should also be expanded to include the assets and liabilities of the immediate family of public officials and their in-laws as well as the lifestyle check on all government employees.

According to Melita Labarejos, in the other pre-summits participated by the household leaders and members of cooperatives, education and good governance also emerged on top of the list.

In a list of seven areas of concern given by the summit team each participantwas asked to choose three top priorities..

In the development service sector, they chose education; environment, climate change adaptation, and risk management; and good governance as the areas of concern the province should prioritize.

Participants also wrote their aspirations in these concernstogether with its degree of seriousness, urgency and growth.

The series of workshops will end on Sept. 18 with the producers’sector as the last batch of participants. (Xerxes Alkuino)