Davide transfers to “official” Guv office

1505028_630646703643903_1623594620_nGovernor Hilario P. Davide has formally transferred to his “official” office after it underwent renovation.

The space at the east wing of the executive building where the past governors held office is divided into three rooms. Aside from the governor’s office, one room is for the executive staff and the other is a conference hall.

The newly-renovated office was blessed last Tuesday, December 17. The transfer coincided with the birth date of the governor’s wife, Jobel, though he already started occupying the office the other day.

Vice Governor Agnes Magpale, meanwhile, transferred to the formal room, where Davide temporarily held office since he took over last July.

The 4th floor of the legislative building, where the vice governor held office before the October 15 earthquake, suffered heavy damage. Some board members, who occupied the 3rd also left and temporarily hold offices at the executive building. Xerxes Alkuino