Davide meets Gwen at Capitol

By invitation of third district congresswoman-elect outgoing Governor Gwendolyn Garcia, Governor-elect Hilario “Junjun” Davide visited the Capitol for the first since his proclamation on Tuesday (June 25).

Garcia, who had just come from her six-month suspension order served by the Department of the Interior and Local Government last December, congratulated and shook hands with Davide at the receiving area outside the governor’s office.

Then together with transition team of Davide, they proceeded to her office for a short “chat.”

Later on, Garcia toured Davide and his transition team to some parts of the building including the conference hall, formal room (old session hall), and the governor’s gallery. They also went to the new session hall at the west wing, where Garcia presented to Davide her 12-point agenda and her accomplishments.

Davide said he did not expect that he will be invited by the governor to visit the Capitol. “Quite frankly, wala gyud (ko mag-expect sa invitation). In fact nalipay gyud kaayo ko nga the governor invited me to see her this morning,” he told the media after her meeting with Garcia.

The 12-point agenda was increased to 14 to include two more accomplishments of the departing administration, which Garcia said she did not think to happen. These are the sisterhood ties of the province of Cebu with other provinces abroad and in the country, and the enterprise development, which highlights the joint venture agreements of the Capitol with the private sector.

He said he will present his own programs on July 1, his first day of office, with the Provincial board members. Garcia’s countryside tourism program, Suroy Suroy Sugbo may be continued as it is made permanent by a provincial ordinance, “but there maybe ramifications,” he said.

Davide, who will take his oath of office on Sunday (June 30), said he will be reviewing the performance of the departments and the casual employees. But he said changes are expected upon the take-over of the new administration.

He also reiterated that there will a formal turn-over of office to the new governor on Friday.

In their brief talk with Garcia, he said the outgoing governor assured him of her prayers and success of his administration. He said also gave the same wishes for her as she will now serve as third district representative, previously held by her brother Pablo John Garcia.

Pablo John lost to Davide in the gubernatorial race last May.