Davide, Magpale visit fire victims

Governor Hilario P. Davide III and Vice Governor Agnes Magpale visited the Mandaue City fire victims that were temporarily relocated at the Cebu International Convention Center (CICC) grounds last March 14.

Gov. Davide said they can continue to stay at the CICC grounds until the city government finishes the re-blocking of the fire site. The re-blocking has already started.

The victims have to stay at the grounds since the controversial CICC is not structurally sound for occupation.

“This was not built as an evacuation center. We are just helping our neighbors kay emergency and besides if you look at the situation diha sa sulod peligro kaayo. We don’t want to take that risk,” Gov. said.

Vice Governor Agnes Magpale stated that the Capitol already provided Mandaue food assistance since Saturday. This includes sacks of rice and canned goods. This was aside from the packed meal for the support group including tanods, personnel from civil security unit, and police officers.

Three days after the fire incident in Barangays Guizo and Mantuyong on Saturday, Gov. Davide said the Capitol is ready to come in to augment the food supplies. He further said that they might resort to emergency purchases if necessary.

Gov. Davide isasking the private groups to share food, water, and even clothes to the victims. He also requested the Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) to muster up some donations from its members. There is a community kitchen established inside the CICC compound.

The re-blocking already started as of this posting. However, Toni Pet Juanico, chief of the Housing Urban and Development Office, stated that there is no definite timeline yet for the completion of the re-blocking and when can the affected families go back to their dwellings.

Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer Baltazar Tribunalo Jr. said a recovery plan is necessary in order to determine the time the residents can go back to the 9.2-hectare fire site.

He said the long-term plan is to build a socialized housing in the area.

As of Sunday evening, the number of individuals affected reached 9,229 individuals or 2,297 families (3,928 individuals or 800 families in Barangay Guizo and 5,332 individuals or 1,029 in Barangay Mantuyong).

The total number of house owners affected is 1,818, renters 421, sharers 58. At least 925 houses in Mantuyong and 657 in Guizo were totally burned and 11 partially burned houses in Mantuyong and seven in Guizo.

More tents are needed in the relocation site. At present there are 39 tents, 16 portalets, 15 water tanks and barrels, two generator sets. There were also lamps and medical tents placed in the area.