Davide to CTU graduates: Stand up every time you fail

As the commencement exercises—special that they are—come and go like the sizzling winds that blow over the country during summer, around 500 graduates of Cebu Technological University Argao Campus received their diplomas last March 31 at Cerge Remonde Sports Complex.

Before they left their alma mater, they were reminded to become good professionals, accept failures and work hard to achieve their goals in life.

Cebu Governor Hilario P. Davide III told the graduates in his commencement message that there is no substitute for the sacrifice or the willingness to go the extra mile.


Una, believe in yourself. Samtang mamati kita sa tambag sa mga naha-una kanato, the only person whose opinion matters is yourself. Ikaduha, do not be afraid of failure. Dili tanang plano molambo, dili tanang paningkamot mamunga (First, believe in yourself. While we listen to the advise of those older than us, remember that the only person whose opinion matters is yourself. Second, do not be afraid of failure. Not all plans succeed, not all efforts bear fruit),” Davide said.

Davide also advised this year’s graduates to expect moments of victories and defeats.

“You will experience failure, but the most important thing is you stand up every time you fail,” he said.

Ikatulo (Third), work hard, ug ika-upat (and fourth), always try to improve yourself. Make sure that whatever you do, you will be a better person each day,” he added.

Cebu Governor Hilario P. Davide III noted that the parents are at their proudest moment because the day marked the fulfillment of their dream by giving their children the best education.

“When my own children obtained their college degrees, I felt the same, if not more intense emotion. After all, our success as parents is best measured by the success of our children,” Davide said.

He also acknowledged the faculty members and the families of the graduates for supporting the graduates during their studies.

“The parents, spouses and other loved ones of the graduates undoubtedly deserve equal, if not even more, credit as the graduates” he said.

Davide also emphasized the real meaning of commencement exercise, saying it marks the end of the the preparation of the graduates and the start of real world work.

In the last part of his message, he said, “We can all make our unique contributions to our community, to our nation, and countrymen and what matters is that we choose to do so, and, having made that choice, we give nothing short of our best,” Davide said.