Davide: Cebu still insurgency free

_IGP2790Governor Hilario P. Davide III said Cebu is still insurgency free despite the arrest of the Tiamzon couple in the Municipality of Aloguinsan.

In a meeting with Central Command Chief Major General John F. Bonafos at the Capitol, Davide said the province of Cebu is under the same state of preparedness.

CPP-NPA leaders Benito Tiamzon and Wilma Austria-Tiamzon were arrested last March 22 after months of surveillance by the  authorities.

Davide stressed that the Tiamzon couple were able to penetrate Cebu precisely because this is an insurgent-free area. They may have choosen Cebu as their safe haven to avoid suspicion.

Davide believed that the Tiamzon couple were not on a recruiting mission while in Cebu. He also added that the Tiamzon couple lived in Cebu as private individuals.

AFP officials reported to the governor that the Tiamzon couple lived like ordinary citizens while in Cebu. There was no security group around their rented house, unusual for high ranking CPP-NPA leaders.

From time to time the Tiamzon couple go to the beach in Aloguinsan and maintained low activities within their premises.

“Although they were here not for recruitment activities, we cannot discount the fact that they may have sympathizers” Davide said.

Bonafos said that they are prepared for any retaliatory acts from the communist group as part of their anniversary on March 29. Diane Higida