Davide cancels engagement with Black Pearl

Cebu Governor Hilario Davide III decided to terminate the temporary engagement of Black Pearl Security Agency (BPSA) with Cebu Provincial Government and other province-owned facilities.

This, after a security guard from the agency accidentally shot a habal-habal driver last June 11 in Sitio Calgary Hills in Barangay Apas, Cebu City.

Davide also received reports that the relieving guard in Apas did not have license and one guard was caught sleeping on the job.

The disengagement takes effect on Saturday, he said.

Provincial General Services Head Jone Siegfred Sepe personally informed BPSA President Baltaire Balangauan of the disengagement.

“They were very cooperative. They said they will pull out and we’ll meet with their chief security officer for the turn over,” reported Sepe.

However, he said they will also assess to determine whether or not the agency will be compensated for their rendered services.

But in his latest interview, Davide saw compensation as a gray area after the accident and all other reported incidents.

“But since they volunteered and took the risk to secure the Provincial Government, akong huna-huna nga dili tingali angayang bayran (I think perhaps they should not be compensated),” said Davide.

Meanwhile, the Capitol will ask the assistance of Cebu Provincial Police Office and its civil security unit in guarding province-owned facilities.

“We don’t really need so many police personnel to watch our facilities,” said Davide. “In fact, we can ask police in the towns where district hospitals are located for assistance. And in Capitol, we have our own security unit.”

Davide also considered the accident as a “blessing in disguise,” allowing the province to see the agency’s performance.

He hoped the issue would be resolved to wipe out doubts on Capitol.

“I would like to dispel all doubts. There are too many insinuations around, some even malicious,” Davide said. “If a rebidding occurs, media will be invited to cover the proceedings.”