Davide brings graduates, parents to tears

IMG_9616In his first time to give a commencement speech as Governor of Cebu, Hilario P. Davide III made graduates and parents cry.

Governor Davide was the commencement speaker for the 35th graduation exercises of Cebu Technological University Barili Campus.

Davide opened his speech by asking a little favour from the graduates.  “Naa koy gamay nga hangyo ninyo, palihug ayaw ko ninyo balibari”… Davide pleaded.

He continued, “Go to your parents, sponsors or spouses, hug them and say…Thank you and I love you.”

The graduates sincerely complied and a deafening applause was heard among the audience.

Some 239 graduates of CTU Barili cried while hugging their parents. Faculty members were also teary eyed as graduates and parents were wiping their eyes of tears.

Davide reminded the graduates to give credit to their parents in their success in earning a degree.

The Governor also urged the new graduates to be passionate and persistent in their profession. “Quality education is an obligation of the government,” he stressed. He believes that quality education is a right among all Cebuanos, and among all Filipinos in general.

‘Quality education means that tertiary or college education must be accessible in the countryside”, he added.

“I will give my utmost support to educational reforms aimed to improve our quality of education” Davide said.

Davide was also the commencement speaker in CTU Tuburan Campus.

Speaking before 500 graduates, Davide urged them to enrich their knowledge with experience and be an asset in their own communities.

The Cebu Technological University has a  system-wide commencement theme “Reinventing paradigms towards technological advancement”.

Education is a priority development agenda under the Davide administration. Diane Higida