Dancing inmates perform Psy’s “Gentleman”

Youtube sensation, Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) dancing inmates are back in the spotlight, performing the fastest Youtube video to reach 300 million views, Psy’s “Gentleman.”

More than 300 local and foreign visitors trooped to the dancing inmates’ regular dance show last Saturday (May 25). Most of the foreigners were Russians. But there were also Americans, Japanese and a good number of Koreans, Psy’s compatriots.

The dancing inmates performed nine dances including Michael Jackson’s songs; “This is It,” and “Ben/Billy Jean.” They also danced to the tunes of “Do the Hustle,” “Fire,” “Just Got Lucky,” “Insomnia,” and “Di ko Mapigil” of the local boy band, Masculados.

But their performance on Psy’s Youtube hits, “Gangnam Style,” and follow-up single “Gentleman” drew the loudest applause. Psy’s music videos are record breakers on Youtube; “Gangnam Style” has been viewed over 1.6 billion times since it was uploaded on the video-sharing website 10 months ago. It was the first Youtube video to hit 1 billion views.
“Yes, I’m having fun. It’s very cool that they still find time to dance, though they were in jail,” said Polina Izofatoug, a 29 year-old Russian, who has been working for a Cebu-based travel agency for two years now.

Some of the distinguished guests that watched the live performance are Amparito Lhullier, Margaret Richards Taylor, Carmen Campbell, and Bureau of Fire Protection-National Capital Region Assistant Regional Director for Operations, Senior Superintendent Anderson Comar and his team of mechanical engineers in Cebu.

CPDRC Choreographer Vince Rosales said the dance routine of the inmates will continue until the new governor of the province takes over on June 30.