Danao farmers embrace new technologies

IMG_6032Farmers in Baliang, Danao City expressed gratefulness on their new knowledge on different farming technologies introduced by the Farmer Scientist Training Program or FSTP in their place.

“Bolantaryo jud ming ni ari, og nalipay mi nga napun-an among kaalam sa pagpanguma”, said Ronilo Tejero, a farmer in Baliang Danao.

Sauna maglibog mi nganung nagka gagmay among mga mais, sayop diay among naandan nga pama-agi” , Tejero added.

Almost fifty farmers from three adjacent barangays (Baliang, Ibo and Tugunon) in  Danao City gladly showed to the representatives from the city and provincial governmentstheir experimental farm which contains seven kinds of “treatments” or categories of experiments.

Farmers in Baliang Danao City are in Phase 1 of FSTP. The FSTP program is implemented in three Phases, Phase 1 focuses on Values Formation, Research Exposure and Technical Empowerment. Under Phase 1, farmers in one locality meet once a week to obtain new farming knowledge from technicians and experts from the academe by way of lecture and demonstrations. It is also under Phase 1 that these farmers are given direct exposure and hands-on experience in conducting the different experiments including comparing old methods  versus new farming technologies conducted in one “experimental field”.

There are seven treatments or class of experiments conducted in the experimental field which include among others, land preparation, integrated pest management, and corn-based intercropping.

The farmers will undergo training under Phase 1 for four months before they can graduate, obtain a University of the Philippines (UP) diplomas and proceed to Phase 2.

Rhoda Capangpangan, Corn Coordinator in the City of Danao said that they are very grateful for the arrival of the FSTP program in Danao. Capangpangan said at first farmers were hesitant to participate in FSTP, but later on when they noticed that FSTP disseminated useful and practical farming technologies, they voluntarily attended every lecture and actively participated the experiments.

The promotion of Agriculture and Food Security is a core component in the development agenda of Governor Hilario P. Davide III. Diane Higida