CSBT stall owners defend Dejoras


At least 10 stall owners of the Cebu South Bus Terminal (CSBT) went to the Capitol last Wednesday, October 9 to defend newly appointed CSBT Administrator Vicente Dejoras Jr. from controversy.

Mansueto Jugador, one of the tenants, said Dejoras was only implementing their tenancy contracts in the spirit of fairness among the vendors at the terminal.

“He might have run somebody over in the performance of his official function,” said Jugador.

After hearing their side, Governor Hilario P. Davide III said that Dejoras would stay at the CSBT. He told the media that the tenants were pleased with Dejoras’ policies.

In their meeting with Davide, the group said they voluntarily came to the Capitol to dispute the petition asking him to replace Dejoras. The petitioners charged Dejoras of conduct unbecoming a government official and gross abuse in the exercise of discretion.

More than 150 stallholders, drivers, conductors, vendors and bus operators allegedly signed the said petition. There are 38 stall owners at the terminal.

But in their meeting, they said only one person made it and the others signed the petition without really knowing its content. They also rebuffed the statement that Dejoras shouted at people in the terminal and that on that the contrary, he was very professional in his actions.

The group, who pleaded the governor to disregard the petition, also claimed that most of the signatories of the petition were the defiant dispatchers to the changes introduced by Dejoras.

According to Dejoras’ secretary, the administrator implemented a Cebu City ordinance to ban the dispatchers to install some order in the facility.

The stall owners said the changes were beneficial for them because aside from gaining profit they also want to give convenience and security to the passengers. (Xerxes Alkuino)