CPHO to address health needs of drug surrenderers

The Cebu Provincial Health Office (PHO) is all set to deal with health concerns among drug surrenderers following the seminar-workshop conducted together with the Cebu Provincial Anti-Drug Abuse Office (CPADAO) recently.

PHO believes that there is a need for municipal health officers, nurses, midwives, provincial hospital heads and barangay health workers to be equipped with necessary skills in attending the physical condition of surrenderers.

CPADAO Consultant Pocholo delos Santos revealed that in the latest data, Cebu Province has about 31,000 surrenderers following Philippine National Police’s renowned Operation Toktok-Hangyo (Tokhang),

Operation Tokhang is the anti-illegal drugs initiative of President Rodrigo Duterte.

According to delos Santos, by the time a surrenderer is referred to municipal health centers, health workers should be able to identify the substance taken by the surrenderer and know how long the person has been on the abused drugs.

Cebuano psychiatrist Edwin Menguito said amphetamines (shabu), cannabis (marijuana), inhalants (rugby), sedatives and alcohol (hard drinks) are popular with local drug users.

He added that abused substances may bring various psychological effects to the person such as confusion, hallucination, phobia, panic attack, rage and obsession.

Doctors and nurses in their level should also take note of the withdrawal signs manifested by the patient, said Menguito.

CPADAO is currently gathering data so as to know the percentage of minors, men, women, users, pushers and age bracket of Cebu’s surrenderees. (Fides Palicte)