CPDRC inmates surrender illegal items

Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) inmates surrendered pieces of wires, cellular phones and battery chargers last Saturday.

Witnesses were Consultant Marco Toral and inmates’ Mayor Lito Granada.

According to CPDRC Warden Romeo Manansala, the wirings used as water heaters consume great amount of electricity causing faulty trips in the electrical services in the center.

Among gipaagi ug dialogue nga kon pwede bang ato nalang i-surrender aron maayo ang dagan sa kuryente diri (We held a dialogue requesting them to surrender the wires to ensure efficient flow of electricity),” said Manansala.

The surrendered heaters were replaced with gas burners with one burner for every ten cells.

The items surrendered came from the inmates’ visitors that by passed inspection. Some inmates retrieved scrap wires from nearby houses and made it into water heaters. Some of the phones and chargers were seized from the inmates’ visitors.

Cellular phones, chargers, sim packs, head phones and other electronic devices, drugs and liquor are not allowed in the facility, said Manansala.

“If found with these items, inmates are banned from receiving any visitors,” he added.

CPDRC houses almost 2,000 inmates.