CPDRC inmates repair cars for their transpo

Using their skills in car repair, the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) inmates found a solution to its jailer’s transport problem.

Marco Toral, Capitol consultant on jail matters, said by now they have repaired five vehicles since he assumed office last year.

These were two military vehicles, a mini dump truck, a military jeep, and a canter. The back portions of the military vehicles were enclosed with steel bars and these were repainted with orange.

These vehicles are already running. They are being used to transport the inmates to and from their case hearings. In addition, ten more vehicles are undergoing repair.

Toral recalled that the shortage of cars was one of the problems he encountered. He added that the transportation problem has already affected the hearings of the inmates.

Upon learning that many inmates worked in car shops before, he then assigned personnel to repair some of the cars junked at the motor pool.

He said the work is an offshoot of the “Inmate Welfare Development Program,” which includes dancing, baking, and boxing.

“Instead of buying new cars,” he said, “we let the inmates repair and improvise the cars, suited for their transportation.”

He added that the Capitol also saved a lot of money from the program.

Currently there are three vans servicing the inmates for their hearings. For now, these are not enough. CPDRC is already overcrowded with 1,912 inmates.