CPADAC chief wants Pilar to be a drug free municipality

After all of its 67 municipal employees who were told to undergo drug screening tested negative, Pilar becomes a potential drug-free municipality in Cebu.

“It is a great possibility since it is an isolated town,” said Joey Herrera, executive director of the Cebu Provincial Anti-Drug Abuse Commission (CPADAC).

While no town workers tested positive of drugs, it doesn’t mean illegal drug trade is totally absent in the municipality.

Herrera said that a drug-free municipality means there is no drug poseur and no buyer in the area.

Pilar is an island town with only 13 barangays and it has only 11, 564 inhabitants, according to the 2010 census.

It is part of the Camotes group of islands. The other three towns in Camotes, San Francisco, Tudela and Poro were situated adjacent to each other in a bigger and separate island.

The surprise test in Pilar was part of the series of random drug tests conducted by the municipal governments with the help of CPADAC and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) 7 last November 17 to 18.

All in all, there were 217 municipal employees subjected to the drug test. It yielded 11 workers positive of drugs, eight in San Francisco, two in Poro and one in Tudela.

There were also five municipal employees three in San Francisco and two in Poro who admitted they were drug users ahead of the testing.

Although still subject to a confirmatory test, Herrera said he did not like what he found out during the screening. He explained that some of those tested positive were already aged 53 to 55.

Herrera also noticed that where development in the area is taking off, illegal drug trade also follows.