Cooperatives laud Capitol for sponsoring mandatory training

Cooperatives in southern Cebu got the needed shot in the arm as the Cebu Provincial Government sponsored their mandatory training last weekend in Sibonga town.

The two-day event, also supported by the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) and Sibonga Multi-Purpose Cooperative (SMPC), tackled a wide range of topics on relevant laws, policies and guidelines governing the cooperatives.

_MG_5190It also discussed about management strategies aimed at enhancing the programs and enterprises entered into by micro and small cooperatives.

“Our role here is to bind the cooperatives together so they can help each other,” said Herculene
Rizon, Capitol consultant for cooperatives.

“We want to set a new paradigm by teaching them how to sustain the growth of their organizations through good governance and exemplary management rather than relying on dole outs from the government,” he added.
At least 280 participants from 54 cooperatives in southern Cebu joined the mandatory training.

A lot of participants expressed their gratitude to the organizers specifically the Capitol for facilitating the mandatory training free of charge.

“I would like to thank the Provincial Government for this free training.  It really helps us save some money,” said Jerah Espartero of Ronda Waterworks and Sanitation Service Cooperative.

To get accreditation from the CDA, officials or representatives from a cooperative are required to undergo training and seminar. Each participant has to spend P500 to P3,000 for the training.

“Our governor (Hilario Davide III) has acknowledged the importance of cooperatives as partners of the Local Government Units in bringing Kalambuan sa Matag Sugbuanon,” said lawyer William Boco, Capitol consultant for social services.

“Rest assured that this is not the beginning. We will continue to support your endeavors and programs,” he added.

The type of cooperatives which attended the training included credit, producers, multi-purpose, livestock, waterworks, senior citizens, funeral service, among others.

Evonito Alibio, one of the speakers from the National Confederation of Cooperatives, gave a brief rundown of things that underpin the cooperative’s existence.

He said a cooperative is formed because of a common bond of interests pursuing economic, social and cultural development for its members.13330524_1032763436805605_1577734282_n