Cool waiting area in bus terminal to open soon

Southbound commuters can look forward to a cool waiting area of the Cebu South Bus Terminal (CSBT) next year. Provincial Engineer Hector Jamora announced this after complaints of a warm and humid waiting area in recent months.

Conversion of the electrical requirements of the terminal from single phase to three phase, is set to begin early next year. With a budget of Php 7.2 million, the conversion will make the air conditioning units at the terminal functional once again.

At the same time, retrofitting jobs and other repairs on damages to the structure as a result of the 2013 earthquake are on the wind-up phase.

The glass panels that serve as see-through walls of the terminal had been taken out to allow air to flow freely and at least help make the condition bearable.

The upgrading of the terminal’s electrical requirements will guarantee commuters a more comfortable environment while waiting for buses.