Contrabands recovered in CPDRC

Security guards at the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) recovered contrabands allegedly thrown onto the facility Thursday evening.

Wrapped with cardboard, polystyrene foam and a small portion of a mattress foam, the package included three (3) small packs of shabu, six ampules of nubain, liquor contained in six plastic bottles, small weighing scales, and hair dye.

The package bore a message that said: “Merry Christmas Pinaskuhan nako!!! (My Christmas gift)”.

“Nakadungog atong guard naay nihagtok gikan sa bongbong. Mao tong ila dayong gi roving ug mao nay nakita, (Our security guard heard a loud knocking sound form the wall. They inspected the area and that’s what they have recovered),” said Jail Consultant Marco Toral.

Jail guards head Anjory Canencia also recovered do-it-yourself grappling hooks on both ends of the package.

Toral said that the presence of the grappling hooks made him believe that it was thrown from outside and was intended for an inmate.

“Posible nga mao nay gamiton para birahon ang mga contrabando,” he said.

However, they have yet to investigate the receiver of the goods. If identified, they will place him inside an isolation cell.

With the presence of the foams, Toral also believed that this was to ensure that the goods will float in case it will land in the fishpond area of the facility.

The recovered illegal goods will be turned over to Guadalupe Police Station.

Currently, the jail management is installing electric wire on its wall to beef up the jail’s security.

Toral also said that they are planning to put a CCTV camera and an outpost on the right side area (of the entrance gate) where the throwing of the contrabands believed to have occurred.

He said this was the first time the contrabands were thrown instead of passing through the security at the CPDRC.

“I think it’s a desperate move nga maka pasud silag ing-ani kay gipahugtan man natog maayo ang (that they would try to smuggle these kind goods because we have tightened our) security,” he said.

Last October, the jail guards also intercepted a woman who tried to smuggle into the jail two (2) sachets of drugs wrapped in a sanitary napkin.