Cebu Provincial Hospital-Carcar now performs major surgical procedures

Five months after it was upgraded into level one, the Cebu Provincial Hospital-Carcar can now perform major surgical operations, such as caesarian operation, thyroidectomy, appendectomy, myomectomy, and modified radical mastectomy, among others.

The hospital is provided with the newest surgical laboratories that allow the performance of highly complex surgical procedures.

“We’re happy to announce that finally our provincial hospitals, beginning with Cebu Provincial Hospital-Carcar, now have surgical capability. In this way, we can reduce the overwhelming number of patients brought to Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) from Carcar and other neighboring towns,” said Governor Hilario P. Davide III.

He also added that the hospital has only visiting surgeons as of the moment. However, he is hoping that in the future, the provincial government will be able hire permanent surgeons for the provincial hospital.

Cebu Provincial Hospital-Carcar Chief Dr. Olivia Dandan said that the hospital has medical specialists who have completed clinical training in a specific area of medicine in Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center and Cebu City Medical Center.

She said there are three medical specialists in place from Monday to Friday aside from Dr. Stanly Caminero who serves as medical specialist head.

They are planning to upgrade the hospital into level II by next year so that they can operate their intensive care unit (ICU) facility.

“In fact, we already have an ICU bed and ICU room. Only a few more equipment are needed so we can operate,” said Dandan.

“We need to sustain our status as level one so that we can progress to level two, hopefully by next year. By October this year, the Department of Health will do an inspection and evaluate if the hospital passes the operating room capabilities,” she added.

The hospital has 50-bed capacity and 130 medical staff. The hospital has also been planning to hire more medical practitioners.

Meanwhile, Juniora Larisma of the Municipality of Barili was thankful for the launching of the major surgical operation in the hospital because her cousin-in-law’s thyroid gland was successfully operated on.

She said that her cousin-in-law suffered the illness for many years and good thing they were advised by their rural health nurse to undergo the operation in the Carcar hospital.

“We are grateful that the hospital is located close to our home and not in VSMMC where I’m sure we would have bigger expenses,” she said.

Health care is one of the priorities of Davide’s administration. The Cebu Provincial Government deployed more ambulances for emergency situations and conducted medical missions to improve the health services for the benefit of the residents in the province.