Cebu Province hosts ‘Ako Para sa Bata’ dinner

The Cebu Provincial Government hosted a fellowship night for the participants of “Ako Para Sa Bata” conference at the Capitol Grounds on Dec. 2.

Ako Para sa Bata is an international conference that tackles the prevention of child abuse and neglect and focuses on cyber protection of children.

The conference is organized by the Child Protection Network and was held in Marco Polo Hotel last December 1-2, 2015 with the theme “Cyber Safety of Children: Internet and Mobile Protection for Minors.”

In her welcome speech, Vice Governor Agnes Magpale, as an advocate for the protection of children, admitted that Cebu has a number of cyber pornography cases.

But she emphasized that Cebu is against cyber crime sex and always strived to protect the welfare of the Cebuano children.

“Cebu is a very child-friendly province and we are committed to protecting our children no matter what you read in the newspapers. It is our desire to always deal with our perpetrators, protect the victims and let the people know that we are in this fight against cyber pornography and that we are committed,” as said by Magpale.

Cebu province has been declared one of the top 10 provinces where cyber pornography is prevalent.

Magpale ended her message with the assurance that the Cebu Provincial Government will continue to fight against cyber crime for the sake of the children.

“We in the province of Cebu will continue to protect our children against any form of crime, including cyber pornography, through  the Provincial Council for the Welfare of Children,”  she said.