Cebu Province consults agriculture group

IMG_9361Agriculturists, farmers and fisher folks have identified food and water safety; education, skills and learning; environment, climate change adaptation and risk management as top priorities in their respective localities.

These concerns were taken up in a consultative workshop conducted by the Cebu Provincial government as part of the governor’s participatory governance platform. It emphasizes solicitation of developmental inputs and initiatives from the people and consultation among the various sectors to foster stakeholders’ ownership of the different programs, projects and activities.

For food and water safety, the proposals are to have an efficient food production system, direct market access of their produce by eliminating the intervention of middlemen plus sufficient and safe supplyof food and drinking water for farming and fishing communities.

As for education, continuing education and facilities for farmers and fisherfolks, globally competitive agriculture graduates and institutionalization of moral recovery program through values formation among the officials and employes of the LGUs, were identified as top concerns.

For the environment, climate change adaptation and risk management, the participants aim for the conservation and protection of the environment, adaptation to climate change and a disaster-ready Cebu.

These are just the tidbits and slices of the free-ranging discussions during the brainstorming sessions of the workshop. After this one, pre-summit workshops for Households, Cooperatives, Developers and Producers are slated to follow. Earlier, the cooperatives also held their own consultative workshop.

“I think this is a good step so the Province would know what is going on and what are the needs, especiallly in the far-flung barangays…It is very important to know our needs.”, Dr. Gilberto Magallon frankly commented on the bottom-up approach of the provincial government.

The agriculture consultative summit was held in collaboration with the Provincial Board Committee on Agriculture (chaired by PB Member Alex Binghay), Department of Agriculture, and the Cebu Provincial Agriculturists’ Office.

The pre-summit workshop’s objectives are to provide representatives of these sectors a general view of global concerns and enable them to establish their priority areas, to gather their dreams and aspirations in their chosen prioritized areas and to elicit the relevant initiatives, proposals and recommendations in accordance with their aspirations. (Heart Rizarri)