Cebu to host Liwanag World Festival

Inspiring stories of ordinary people will be exchanged in a special annual event that will put a flashlight on Cebu’s human and natural resources.

On Sept. 24-26, Liwanag World Festival will be held as celebration of the theme, “Co-creating a New Philippines: Taking the Next Step in Innovative Societal Movements for Transforming a Nation”.

According to the organizers, Padyak Tungo sa Liwanag or Sikad Padulong Sa Kahayag is a symbolic event that presents participating individuals on a pilgrimage bearing light. They are light bearers shining this light on essential stories and lives of ordinary people they meet along the way.

Now on its third year, the biking expedition started out in 2013 in Davao, with five adventurers heading all the way to Aparri and back to Davao.

The event in 2014 traced the Yolanda path ending up in Iloilo. This year Cebu plays host to participants. It has now expanded to include all forms of padyak, such as pedals, paddles, on foot, arm and free energy-powered vehicle.

Joining the Cebu leg are differently-abled persons, persons with disabilities and the climate pilgrims, all side by side with the rest of society, sharing the advocacy of keeping the roads safe for all. The climate pilgrims are on the move for the road to Paris campaign, a project of the Climate Reality Group.

An opening program will be held on Capitol grounds on Sept. 23 at 3 p.m. Fides Palicte