Catmon pet owners get spay and neuter services

Dog owners in Catmon town swarmed Capitol’s free spay and neuter services last June 19.

Naghuwat gyud ko ani (I was really waiting for this),” said Gerlyn Bontuyan, a resident of Barangay San Jose.

Perjentina Canque, who also availed of the deworming, anti-rabies doses and vitamins for her dogs, appreciated the efforts of the provincial and local officials for the initiating the services.

Magpasalamat mi kon magpadayon ni. Salamat kaayo kang Gobernador Hilario P. Davide III ug kang Mayor Dan Jusay sa ilang kalihukan (We would also be grateful if this will become a regular activity. Thank you to Governor Hilario P. Davidi III and Mayor Dan Jusay for this initiative),” said Canque of Barangay Macaas.

Bontuyan and Canque did not mind standing in the long line to avail of the services. Bontuyan said these services are expensive if conducted by a private veterinarian.

“Spaying would cost more around P6,000 depending on the size of the animal. The estimated minimum cost of neutering is P1,000,” said Catmon Livestock Technician Gaudioso Credo Jr.

Spaying is a surgical procedure that involves removing the uterus and ovaries of female dogs. Neutering is the castration of male dogs.

Spaying is a lengthy procedure and takes longer than neutering. Two veterinarians were conducting the surgical procedure: one each for spay and neuter.

In six hours, five dogs were spayed and 15 castrated.

Credo was very thankful for the one-day free services conducted by the Provincial Veterinarian’s Office (PVO).

While the municipality has regularly conducted rabies vaccination, the municipal government has no budget yet for spay and neuter.

Credo said the services are very important to control the spread of rabies as well as the population of stray dogs.

Apart from spay and neuter services, PVO regularly conducts veterinary mission at least for every barangay in a year.