Capitol repairs, expands hospital in Camotes

The Ricardo Memorial Hospital in Camotes Island can now cater up to 50 admitted patients from previously a 25-bed district hospital.

The Cebu Provincial Government spent at least P15 million for the expansion of the lone hospital in the island located in the municipality of San Francisco.

The expansion works include two private rooms and two semi-private rooms building at the back of the original hospital.

A separate building designed to be the hospital morgue was also completed and long ready to start operation since late last year.

Resident doctor Ian Genaldo, Medical Officer III, said they can now perform minor surgeries aside from pediatrics and internal medicine. They also have obstetrician but the service is limited to normal deliveries.

Difficult procedures such as caesarean operations and other complicated deliveries still need to be referred to the higher level hospitals in the mainland.

Genaldo also stated they need a heart defibrillator, skilled nurses, and a lab test equipment for sodium and potassium level.

“This is very important to save lives. I am already trained but I can’t apply it here because I have no staff who are trained in emergency cases and a heart defibrillator,” he said.

Heart defibrillator is a medical apparatus used to normalize irregular heartbeat and prevent sudden heart attack.

The Capitol also put up P2.11 million Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) in the hospital. STP is a Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) System, which basically transfers the wastewater from one containment to another.

Unfortunately, it is not yet operational as this type of Treatment System needs pumps in transferring the water. It needs a three-phase power supply system that is not yet installed, according to the inspection report of the Provincial Planning and Development Office last December.