Capitol officials led ELA workshop


In line with his participative approach, Governor Hilario P. Davide III and the rest of the provincial officials led the two-day workshop on the formulation of the new administration’s Executive-Legislative Agenda (ELA) on September 26-27.

Vice Governor Agnes Magpale and the 15 provincial board (PB) members of the province of Cebu, along with their chief of staff together with the department heads, and consultants were present during the workshop held at the Radissun Blu Hotel.

A total of four workshops were conducted during the event, which was organized by the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG)-Cebu Province.

The group was arranged into five small groups: Administrative Governance, Economic Governance, Social Governance, and Valuing Fundamentals.

The first two workshops were intended for the formulation of vision and mission statements. The next two were for the identification of challenges, and their respective proposed plan of actions.

According to DILG Provincial Director Jerome Gonzales, the outputs will be collated by the technical working group and will be considered in the formulation of the priority programs and projects of the new administration.

The outputs of the pre- provincial development summits previously held at the Capitol, featuring various sectors, were also presented during the activity. On October 2, the Capitol will hold a provincial development summit with the local chief executives as well as the “champions” from the various sectors.

The ELA workshop drew positive feedback from the provincial board members. They vowed to support the programs and projects that will be finalized by the administration, as they are also part of its formulation.

Provincial Administrator Atty. Mark Tolentino said the holding of the pre-summit activities is an implementation of the governor’s bottoms-up approach, but the ELA workshop enabled them to reflect on the wisdom from the executive and legislative level as well.

“Onward, we will see the realization of these plans, not all of it, but if we can even just solve a few of the problems,” said Vice Governor Magpale.

From the participants’ collective outputs, the province has come up with the following statements:


We envision Cebu as an ideal hub and gateway to a rich heritage and the global market, with people sharing the benefits of a vibrant economy, nurturing ecology, and living in a peaceful and empowered community governed by transparent, accountable, competent and responsive public servants.


We commit to deliver effective and efficient professional services, appropriate legislation and good governance that will result in sustainable generation and equitable allocation of resources, adapting to changing environment and better quality of life for all.

(Xerxes Alkuino)