The Capitol Muzikmakers

After a hiatus of a little over a decade, a musical group at the Cebu Provincial Capitol once again rises up to the challenge of playing beautiful music before co-workers and guests alike.

With a variety of song genres up its sleeves, from the 60s to the 90s ballads and fast tunes, hip-hop, mild rock and the latest hits, the Capitol Muzikmakers exerts efforts to stock up more songs whenever time allows.

_MG_0904The band is one of the three groups that Gov. Hilario P. Davide III conceptualized, the other two being the choir and the dance troupe, as inspired by a not-so-long-ago visit to Pangasinan for a study on the success story of the province’s hospital management.

A function held for the visiting officials showcased the Pangasinense provincial employees’ musical and dancing talents. Not long after the team came home, Gov. Davide commissioned Asst. Provincial Administrator Ramil Abing to conduct an audition for Capitol talents.

Former members of the defunct musical group were gathered to assist in the audition and were soon made members of the new group. That saw the birth of the Capitol Muzikmakers, a bunch of workers from different departments with a common passion to play beautiful music together. Abing was eventually acknowledged as the group’s manager.

Franklin Zamora, Security Agent I of the Provincial Governor’s Office, used to be a member of the now defunct 678s Band. He plays the rhythm guitar.

Joseph Densing, Engr. I of the Provincial Engineer’s Office started playing music in the 80s with the so-called combo-lata with instruments fashioned out of used and empty tin cans and containers. He used to be a member of the Capitol Beyond 8-2-5 Band during the administration of then Gov. Pablo Garcia. He handles the lead guitar.

Ronie Maglinte, an outsourced employee of the Extra Ordinaire Janitorial Services, was a former bass/lead guitarist of the Church of Christ choir and band, as well as that of the Rider Bucks Unbreakable Band. Now he handles the bass guitar.

Bryan Tumimbang, Administrative Aide II of the Vice Governor’s Office, played music since 2001 as the band leader of Rave Band and a member of the Zugbo Band of the late Vice Gov. Greg Sanchez. Now he plays the percussions and alternates with the drums.

Winston Caminero, Private Secretary II of Provincial Board Member Peter John Calderon’s office, is a member of the Caminero Family Band. He was also a member of the University of Cebu Rondalla. He’s the Capitol Muzikmakerz’s keyboardist.

_MG_1056Rusty John Abello, Security Agent II of the Provincial Governor’s Office and assigned to the Provincial General Services Office, learned to play the drum while yet in the elementary grade and still thirsts for more knowledge in this field. He’s a member of a death metal group that specializes in heavily distorted metal sound. He rhythmically bangs the drums of the new group at the Capitol.

Freendel Quezon, Clerk I assigned to the Provincial General Services Office, was the Capitol singing champ in the 2013 Founding Anniversary contest. He used to sing with the University of Cebu Chorus and now with the Capitol Choir. He provides the male vocals in the new Capitol group.

Adones Bendijo, utility worker under the Provincial Planning & Development Office, was based for two years in Sarawak, Malaysia as a singer and entertainer. He also provides vocals for the group.

Roger Serna, Administrative Office V of the Provincial Information Office, used to sing with Sun.Star Cebu’s in-house band Anything But The News and the defunct Beyond 8-2-5 Band. He supplements vocals for the new Capitol group.

Good-looking ladies provide a triumvirate of powerful female vocals. Ma. Teresa Go, Administrative Assistant II of the Provincial Accountant’s Office, was a vocalist of the defunct Mutya Orchestra, the Beyond 8-2-5 Band and a current member of the Capitol Choir.

Grace Galenzoga, Administrative Aide VI of the Provincial Administrator’s Office, was a former vocalist of the Kathari Jazz Band, the Mutya Orchestra and the Beyond 8-2-5 Band and a current member of the Capitol Choir.

Nanette Dilao, Administrative Aide VI of the Provincial Planning & Development Office, was a member of UV’s Visayanian Singers. She interpreted two finalist songs in the Cebu Popular Music Festival in 1996 and 2005.

The baptism of fire for the Capitol Muzikmakers happened in the awarding ceremonies of the Capitol Sports Festival last Aug. 2 at the Capitol grounds. This was followed by the Gabii sa Sugbo on Aug. 8, and the Songhits sa Capitol Media Nite on Aug. 15.

Regular practices are held after office hours as more events are posted on the band’s calendar. With the members’ God-given talents, drive and determination, the Capitol Muzikmakers is hopeful to attain musical heights in the near future.

L-R (Standing) Ronie Maglinte, Adones Bendijo, Freendel Quezon, Nanette Dilao, Roger Serna, Bryan Tomimbang and Joseph Densing. L-R (Sitting) Rusty John Abello, Winston Caminero and Franklin Zamora.