Capitol maintains roads, conducts other road projects

To make various provincial roads passable, the Provincial Engineering Office conducted road opening, maintenance and other road improvements.

Newly appointed Provincial Engineer Hector Jamora disclosed that the areas undergoing road maintenance and improvements are based on assessments by site engineers assigned in different places of the province.

Roads that need immediate improvement, reshaping or maintenance and rehabilitation are noticeable and must be prioritized compared to those that are in good condition, he said.

In July to December last year, his office reshaped the provincial road of Poblacion Sangi in San Fernando, which is 8.05 kilometers (kms) long. The rehabilitation of a part of the same road, about three kms long, followed.

Rehabilitations were also done on other provincial roads in Bonbon-Jumangpas-Mali-Tangbo Barangay road with a total of 3.15 kms.  Other rehabilitations were made on Pilar Circumferential Road in Pilar, Camotes Island; Kambigung barangay road in Samboan, Pinamungajan; vegetable highways in Barili, Sibonga, Argao, and Dalaguete; and a barangay road in Minglanilla, which totaled 30.85 kms.

There was a 0.120 km road opening in Monte Alegre, Tuburan and another 20.000 meter opening in Kalangahan Provincial road, including its widening for detour purposes in the same municipality.  A riprap was formed on a slope protecting the Borbon-Tabogon provincial road against landslides, which measured 7.200 cubic meters and another 5.000 cubic meter riprap for a slope protection at Kalangahan provincial road in Tuburan.

From January to April this year, another round of rehabilitations of roads was done on vegetable highways in Barili, Sibonga, Argao, and Dalaguete. A similar project was conducted in different barangays in Pinamungajan, Samboan, on an access road to a resettlement area in Barangay Agujo, Daanbantayan, Sangi-Bugho provincial road in San Fernando, Barangay San Fernando in Pinamungajan, Culasi-Camburoy barangay road in Samboan, and Cuanos barangay road in Minglanilla, with a total of 38.23 kms.

An improvement of the 0.180 km access road for relocation site for typhoon Yolanda victims in Okoy, Sta. Fe was done early this year while another reshaping of roads were made on Agujo barangay road in Daanbantayan, Bitoon-Somimbang-Dar-Malingin barangay road also in Daanbantayan, and on its public market road in Barangay Poblacion and in Pilar, Camotes Island, with a total of seven kilometers.

For other developments, a Php 30-million fund is readied for the farm-to-market road projects in which one of its recipients is barangay Nog-as, Alcoy.

Jamora said that the detailed engineering documents are readied for approval by concerned parties, including Cebu Gov. Hilario Davide III.