Capitol job oder employees welcome PhilHealth enrollment 

Job order employees of the Cebu Provincial Government look forward to becoming members of PhilHealth.

Job order (JO) employees of the Capitol attended an orientation by Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) representatives who shared what PhilHealth is all about and what  benefits they can enjoy in return.

Membership to the PhilHealth is categorized into the formal economy, informal economy, sponsored members, indigent members, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs),  senior citizens, and lifetime members.

For JO employees, premium is only P600 quarterly or P200 per month.

To encourage Capitol’s job order workers, PhilHealth’s Carlo Quiñanola compared the benefits members can get out of a P600 quarterly premium or a P200 per payday premium against the cost of buying cigarettes and softdrinks, the two items being contributors to serious health issues.

On a daily basis, PhilHealth costs only P6. A cigarette stick, on the other hand, costs P5 and even causes death if puffed every day and softdrinks at P 13 daily may lead to diabetes.

JO employees of the Capitol belong to the informal sector, there being no employer-employee relationship between the JOs and the Cebu Provincial Government. JOs pay for their own health insurance.

They also enjoy the same benefits as the general membership does.

The HR Department is set to come out with a memorandum soon outlining the policy for the JOs enrollment to the health insurance.

Membership benefits  are categorized into in-patient, special benefits,  outpatient coverage, and Z benefit package.

To make it easy for government workers to meet non-financial obligation on time, PhilHealth Express centers are open Saturdays at outlets in SM, Robinson’s Galleria and Robinson’s Fuente but they are not authorized to accept payments.