Capitol holds medical mission in Toledo City

To address the various needs of barangay folks in Matab-ang, Toledo City, the provincial government under the administration of Acting Gov. Agnes A. Magpale conducted a medical mission on February 16.

Some 1,000 residents flocked to the area, some of them arriving as early as 7 in the morning to avail of the benefits. The mission offered an opportunity to receive medical attention and affordable medicine. Residents, young and old alike and even babies cuddled by their parents, braved the heat of the sun to reach the place and participate in the free medical services offered by the provincial government. With the rising cost of drugs, laboratory fees, vitamins and other supplements as well as doctors’ consultation fees in this time of financial crisis, residents of Barangay Matab-ang were more than happy to be the recipient of the medical mission.

Acting Gov. Magpale visited the activity to ensure that her constituents’ different medical requests will be attended to, particularly those in dire need of the doctor’s services. Some of the residents even brought with them their pet canines for anti-rabies vaccine, medicines for deworming and other vitamins and supplements for animals.

The medical mission included a special feeding program for 1,084 children as well as free haircuts for 58 children. Pediatrician members of the medical mission staff treated 796 babies for various illnesses. Meanwhile, the adult and senior citizens who suffered from hypertension, diabetes and with high cholesterol level underwent treatment. Another group composed of some 117 residents made use of the dental services which were also offered for free.

It was already past four in the afternoon when majority of the patients and their relatives went home. Many of them brought with them the free medicine, vitamins and other supplements handed to them, including informational leaflets health and disease prevention. As for the medical staff, with their noble task for the medical mission accomplished, they also called it a day.