Capitol employees urged to set good example in SWM

The Cebu Provincial Government has taken various efforts to establish a proper solid waste management (SWM) action for all the local government units.

Through the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO), seminars and workshops have been carried out in partnership with different agencies, such as the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR-7) and Environment Management Bureau (EMB-7).

Much had been said and written about the worsening situation of the garbage management all over the province.This time around, Atty. Chad Estella, officer-in-charge of PENRO, said that as implementers of proper waste segregation all over the province, provincial offices should display a strong reverence to the laws and ordinances.

“We must show them that we take the lead in our action through adhering to existing laws, rules and regulations, to include Republic Act 9003 otherwise known as the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000” said Estella.

PENRO initiated the full implementation of RA 9003 at the Capitol and other provincial offices within the city.

Department heads, office heads, employees and janitorial services personnel attended the Solid Waste Management Orientation held at the Capitol Social Hall last Nov. 5.

During the orientation, it was suggested that wastes from offices that are not properly segregated shall not be collected by the janitors.

“More than any ordinances and rules, it is our moral obligation to be responsible in segregating our wastes,” said Saul Kevin Carillo, PENRO’s monitoring chief on SWM for Provincial Government offices and establishments in the City.

Carillo, one of the speakers during the orientation, presented the situation of the disposal of garbage in the Capitol and other provincial offices.

“In the Capitol, we are 70 percent in terms of compliance of the segregation process but constant monitoring is needed so we can continue to progress,” Carillo shared.

PENRO is crafting different plans to empower the employees and ensure that the issues regarding the waste segregation system are properly addressed.

The office is working out on posting information, education and communication materials in strategic locations around the buildings.

Informal meetings are also suggested to better implement the provisions of RA 9003.These wouldalso help broaden the knowledge and skills of our administrative officers and at the same time capacitate our garbage collectors and those in charge in the disposal thereof in the proper handling and disposal of solid wastes in their respective offices.

An award system for offices and departments found to be compliant of the waste segregation policy was proposed.

Employees are also encouraged to educate and convince visitors in the Capitol to follow proper waste disposal.