Capitol conducts random drug testing

Nine (9) Capitol employees were found positive after a random drug-screening test at the Capitol last March 31.

The results, however, are still subject to confirmatory test.

For those employees, who were proven positive of drugs, they will be referred to the committee on discipline.

Governor Hilario P. Davide III said, “If proven gyud, of course naa na may proof, we will follow the procedure on dismissal.”

“We do not want drug users here at the provincial government,” he added.

The random drug testing was pursuant to the resolution authored by Provincial Board Member Carmen Remedios Durano-Meca. She is the vice-chair of the Cebu Provincial Anti-Drug Abuse Commission (CPADAC).

Some 200 Capitol permanent, casual and outsourced workers were slated to undergo the test. But only 169 showed up.

Joey Herrera, executive director of CPADAC, said they used a computer program to select the names of the 200 workers.

The Human Resource and Management Office distributed the memorandum in the morning to the employees.

They did not state the real purpose of the memo to prevent avoidance. The drug testing started at around 1pm. Gov. Davide and PB Meca went first.

“Wa gyud mi kabalo nga drug test diay ni kay ang naa sa memo kay orientation man. Okay raman ko kay wa man ko nigamit ug drugs. (We really do not know that this was a drug test because what was written in the memo is an orientation. It’s all right, I do not use drugs anyway),” said Ricky Abellana, a casual employee under the governor’s office.

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency 7 started the preliminary test later in the afternoon. The final result of the drug test will be released this Friday.