Capitol commemorates Arbor Day 2016

The Cebu Provincial Environment and National Resources (PENRO) in cooperation with the Municipality of Consolacion and Garing Barangay Council celebrated Arbor Day 2016 with its theme “Pagpanalipud sa Kalikupan Kalambuan sa Matag Sugbuanon”, a joint tree planting activity at Barangay Garing, Consolacion Cebu.

A total of 2,500 assorted fruit and forest trees seedlings were planted to the four kilometer stretch barangay road of  Barangay Garing, Consolacion.

About 1,000 seedlings were given to the newly-opened road in Barangay Garing and 1,500 seedlings to the barangay council and school in Garing, Consolacion.

The volunteers who joined the tree planting activity were the employees of the Capitol with their families, some locals from the LGU and the residents of Barangay Garing.

“To conserve and rehabilitate our environment was the main goal of the program”, Helen Alia of PENRO said.

Alia added that the PENRO’s greening program is successful in terms of planting with the help of different private organizations but lacks monitoring in terms of the survival of the trees that were planted.

People residing in quarry areas in Consolacion especially establishments were issued an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) by DENR-EMB that requires them to plant trees in their areas.

Arbor Day is celebrated worldwide to raise environmental awareness of trees and the important role that they play in our environment. The day is celebrated on different dates around the world, depending on local seasons and temperature.

The entire Province of Cebu  commemorates Arbor Day based on PB Ordinance No. 2014-10, in support to the proclamation No. 643 issued by former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo declaring that every June 25 as the “Philippine Arbor Day” by planting trees and ornamental plants and other forms of relevant activities.(Sushmita Bravo and Chindez Libor – SWU BA COMM INTERNS