Capitol to bid P143M farm-to-market roads

A total of P143.777 million proposed farm-to-market road (FMR) projects received green light from the national government.

The Provincial Government is now inviting interested bidders for the projects, said Estela Rodriguez, project manager officer of the Philippine Rural Development Program (PRDP)-Cebu Provincial Project Monitoring and Implementing Unit.

These subprojects, which are about 14 kilometers of roads, are located in northern Cebu.

The Anonang Sur-Lambusan FMR that connects Bogo City and San Remigio is 5.7 kilometers long.

In the municipality of San Remigio, the Dapdap-Batad FMR is 5.7 kilometers. The Kinawahan-Canagahan FMR also in San Remigio is 2.9 kilometers.

The P1 million cassava livelihood project in Camotes Island also received approval.

The 6.6-kilometer Agoho-Tapilon FMR is yet to receive a no objection letter (NOL)-1. The 68 million water works project in Alegria is also awaiting NOL-1 to start the bidding process.

The bidding process will only proceed after the projects are issued with NOL-1 by the National Project Coordination Office.

Rodriguez said the pre-bidding conference for the projects is scheduled on Oct. 9 for the projects.

The Capitol is the PRDP’s implementing partner of the Department of Agriculture.

FMRs will ease the accessibility of farm products from the production areas to the trading centers.

The PRDP is a six-year program of the National Government to improve the production in the country’s agricultural sector.

The funding of the PRDP came from a soft loan with the World Bank.

The PRDP-Cebu PPMIU is working on to endorse four FMRs with the Regional Project Advisory Board (RPAB) in November. These are a total of 57.817 kilometers worth P578.17 million.

Another P1 million small livelihood project in Poro is recently approved by RPAB last Oct. 23.

The Capitol shares 10 percent of the total cost of each FMR subproject as a counterpart and another 20 percent for each livelihood subproject.