Capitol accredits Cordova CSO, to help against cybersex


To bolster its arsenal against cybersex and drug addiction in the municipality of Cordova, the Cebu Provincial Board approved the application of Cordova Catholic Cooperative School as a an accredited Civil Society Organization (CSO) of the province of Cebu.

Provincial Board (PB) Member Sun Shimura, who chairs the committee on accreditation, recommended the approval of the accreditation of the said CSO in a regular session last Monday, November 4.

Prior to the approval, however, the board members were interested in learning the activities of the organization regarding the socio-economic problems in the town.

It was learned that they have signed a covenant with the municipal government of Cordova to help solve cyber pornography that has beset the town in the last two years.

PB Member Arleigh Sitoy, then, asked the cooperative to submit a copy of the covenant to the board. Vice Governor Agnes Magpale said she is also interested to know the coop’s initiative to curb the problem in the town.

“As a co-chair of the Provincial Women’s Commission I am also interested in that. We really need your help to solve the cyber pornography in Cordova,” she said.

According to Dr. Romeo Sitoy Macan, the coop’s chairman of the board, as an educational institution they educate their students about family values and engage them in religious activities. (Xerxes Alkuino)