Capitol accepts accreditation

The Provincial Government of Cebu, in compliance with Memorandum Circular No. 2013-70 from the Office of the Secretary of the Department of the Interior and Local Government, is now accepting accreditation for civil-society organizations and selection of representatives to local special bodies.

The accreditation is intended to increase the different organizations’ participation in local governance and development. The directive covers all civil-society groups seeking representation in the local bodies all around the country.

Other organizations can also have themselves accredited, including civil-society group chapters, affiliates, field offices/local organizations, cooperatives, professional groups, business groups, and any organization whose coverage does not include an entire local government unit.

These groups may qualify for accreditation in their localities provided that: a) They comply with all requirements and criteria set forth in the circular; b) Their programs and/or projects have significant impact in the concerned local government unit.

After accreditation, a group is authorized within 60 days from the organization of the newly-elected Sanggunian for purposes of representation to a local body. An organization may still be accredited after the prescribed 60-day period for other purposes, such as participation in local-government programs.

Any previously-accredited organization needs to renew accreditation for the purpose of representation in a local special body. The Sanggunian shall evaluate all applications for accreditation upon receipt of the necessary papers. It also accredits organizations which comply with all administrative requirements and satisfy the criteria enumerated in the memorandum circular. (Ramon Gallardo)