Camotes assessed in search for ‘most child-friendly’ LGU

The four island municipalities in Camotes already have implementing municipal ordinances upholding children’s rights.

The Provincial Council for the Welfare of Children (PCWC) finished evaluating the four municipalities of Camotes Island last May 17-20 for the search of the Most Child-Friendly Municipality/City 2016 in the province of Cebu

The search recognizes the vital role of the local government units (LGUs) in promoting and protecting children’s right to survival, development, protection, and participation.

The municipalities that were evaluated include San Francisco, Pilar, Poro, and Tudela.

San Francisco Municipal Social Welfare Development Officer Mariter Galindo said that they are prepared for this year’s search.

“Actually, we’re prepared for this year’s search and we’re also implementing municipal ordinances that uphold the protection of the welfare of children,” said Galindo.

Some of the ordinances that the municipalities implemented are curfew for minors, anti-trafficking and protection of women and children from violence.

The Municipal Local Council for the Protection of Children is also active in implementing the four rights of the child. These rights include the right to participate, right to survive, right to development and right to protection

More than fun and camaraderie, Tudela town’s annual sports and wellness activities for the youth are keys to helping them stay away from drug addiction.

Its other youth-empowering activities are leadership trainings, tree-planting activities and skills training on dress-making, food processing, soap-making, plumbing, masonry, and carpentry, among others.

The local government of Tudela is also active in drug awareness campaigns to all barangays in the municipality.

Meanwhile, the municipality of Pilar has been awarded the “Most Child-Friendly Municipality” in the 3rd to 5th class municipal level since 2006 until 2012 and has won the Regional level four times in Region VII.

Municipal Social Welfare Development Officer Dolita Dales said that the town is very active when it comes to the different programs for the children.

“Pilar is a good example of a child-friendly municipality,” she said.

The children and youth of Pilar actively participates in environmental programs, such as the annual coastal clean-up drive and tree planting in order to maintain an environmental and child-friendly municipality.