Boljoon elected officials take oath before Davide

After emerging victorious from the trenches of the May 9, 2016 elections, municipal officials of Boljoon town took their oath of office before Gov. Hilario P. Davide III on Wednesday morning.

_MG_8647 _MG_8632Mayor-elect Merlou Derama, Vice Mayor-elect Ervin Villanueva and eight elected councilors, were sworn into office in a gathering witnessed by their family members, friends, supporters, government workers and Vice Gov. Agnes Magpale.

A rain of confetti, a group of smiling faces and a torrent of messages for unity and reconciliation were common sights during the event which also served as a thanksgiving party.

“I’ve learned hard lessons in the last election. I knew that you stood by your principles and supported us, which only reflect your characters and the kind of leaders that you have. Thank you very much. For the first time, I won in Boljoon,” Davide said in Cebuano during his speech.

_MG_8704 _MG_8689 “Your provincial government, with Vice Gov. Agnes Magpale, has vowed today to give full support to Boljoon,” he added.

In the presence of Judge Kit Enriquez of the 9th Municipal Circuit Trial Court Boljoon-Alcoy, the governor announced the increase of P2,000 in the cash allowance of  MCTC judges.

For her part, Magpale said the statement “so help me God” is the most important in the oath, amid all the tasks with which elected officials are duty-bound to uphold.

“The responsibilities that are put on our shoulders to serve the people are heavy. But with the help of God and prayers, we will be able to fulfill our tasks to improve the lives of our people,” she said.

_MG_8670 The councilors who took their oath included Feliberta Mubarak Obaid, Proculogenus Navarro, Marvin Ian Niere, Leonila Nicanor, Edmundo Estavilla, Restycel Getubig, Cedric Batoctoy and Ariston Vequizo Jr.

Also present in the event were politicians in the second district including Provincial Board-elect Tata Salvador, a newcomer, reelected Congressman Wilfredo Caminero and former Mayor of Boljoon Deogenes “Wargong” Derama.