Bogo City Hospital Earns

The Cebu Provincial Hospital – Bogo, City of Bogo earned Php 24 million in the last two years while serving its public purpose. This despite that it is operating with inadequate staff and equipment, according to its management.

Imelda Calungsod, Administrative Officer II, said the hospital earned Php 11.1 million in 2014 and Php 12.9 million in 2013. Around 26 percent of the income came from Philhealth reimbursement while the rest were from paying patients.

Calungsod said they expected to earn more this year because of the implementation of Philhealth’s Point of Care Program. She explained that there will be no more indigent patients as they will be automatically covered by the Point of Care Program. “Wala na tay pasyente nga magyawyaw” (There will be no more disgruntled patients), she said.

However, the hospital needs 11 more Doctors, 12 Nurses, and 11 Nursing Attendants as well as more equipment. Currently, Dr. Zoraida G. Yurango, officer-in-charge, Chief of Hospital said the Hospital only has seven (7) doctors and they do not have a ranked four (4) nurse as Chief Nurse. Their chief nurse-designate is only ranked nurse 1.

The 50-bed Level 1 Hospital is accommodating up to 80-90 patients. It can provide specialized healthcare services on Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery and Obstetrics and Gynecology from our team of consultants hired by the Provincial Government.

Governor Hilario P. Davide III reiterated that health services is one of his priorities. He announces that the Capitol is pursuing to upgrade its hospitals into Level 1 health facilities or even higher such as Level II.

Last year, the Capitol forged a pact with the Province of Pangasinan, now its sister province, to lend its expertise in running the hospitals. CPHO Chief, Dr. Cynthia T. Genosolango said the Capitol is hiring more Medical Specialists and opening permanent positions for the second time under the current administration.

The provincial government is also enticing them to work in our District Hospitals in the countryside by providing them with quarters and offering bigger salaries. But so far, she said, they prefer to work in the Metro Cebu area although a good number of Specialists are now applying, in our Provincial Hospitals.  The Medical Specialists I and II are now getting Php 45 thousand to close to Php 50 thousand monthly.

Genosolango admitted that the Bogo hospital is overcrowded. But she said it is a good sign because this means that the hospital is slowly gaining the trust of the community and that the health-seeking behaviour of our populace is improving. She explained that currently it is undergoing expansion works through the Health Facility Enhancement Program (HFEP) of the Department of Health, and that many Hospital equipment, machines and supplies are coming.