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Best agri-products in Cebu to be displayed in Capitol Agro Trade Fair

| by: Xerxes Alkuino

A bunch of fresh and top processed agri-products will be on display at the Tabo sa Kapitolyo (Agro-Fair) this August 3 to 8.

10606135_814222271953011_4608550861532619956_nThis is one of the highlight of the province’s celebration of its 446th founding anniversary on August 6.

In the opening salvo, around 500 kilos of bangus (milkfish) will be sold at Php 100 per kilo, according to Officer-in-Charge Provincial Agriculturist Dr. Roldan Saragena.

The price is lower than the Php 120 per kilo in the market. The harvest came from the Naga fishpond that is managed by Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPA).

In addition, the municipality of San Francisco, Camotes Island also plans to sell tilapia, said Maria Theresa Abella, Agro Trade Fair coordinator.

10492348_814222758619629_7116015399892572051_nFresh vegetables, such as cucumber, eggplant, pechay, radish, beans, squash, and several varieties of chili and other spices will be available. Fruits like avocado, mango, santol, and banana are also expected in the fair.

There will also be processed agri-products like the Ronda’s Best of the municipality of Ronda, which manufactures camote chips, banana chips and sayote salad with the help of Siliman University.

The famous roasted native chicken and other delicacies of the towns will also be displayed. Sellers of ornamental plants and furniture continue to be the regular exhibitors of the fair as well.

All the 51 local government units (LGUs) are provided with booths to sell their products for free.

Saragena said they expect the showcasing of best agri-products from the countryside.

Abella noted that the fair offers the chance of the farmers to realize that their products are still or being wanted in the market.

Saragena already told the farmers through their respective municipal/city agriculturist is to keep the prices lower than the prevailing market prices of the goods in the city.

“I want that the farmers themselves should be the one to sell the products here instead of middlemen,” he said.

The fair will be opened from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Abella said they have agreed to end the fair on August 7 but they have adjusted it in order to accommodate those who can only go out on weekends.
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