Badian women receive sacks of rice as seed capital for “Bugasan” program

The Cebu Provincial Government promotes economic empowerment of women and entrepreneurship as a pathway in fighting poverty.

Since it’s relaunch in 2014, the “Bugasan para sa Kababaye-an Program” is quickly gaining popularity among women in the barangays.

The project is part of the sustainable livelihood program for women,not just to gain income but help improve their family’s economic status.The program will help develop their entrepreneurial skills through buy and sell approach.

In Badian, women from nine barangays recently formed a women’s federationand acquired an accreditation for the BugasansaKababayen-an project of the provincial government.

Association president ZenaidaCainile said she had been longing to avail of the program but their association is not active. She then called a meeting with other women from other eight barangays and decided to form a women’s federation.

On January 30, the Cebu Provincial Government led by Vice-governor Agnes Magpale, together with provincial board members Christopher Baricuatro, Peter John Calderonand the Provincial Social Welfare Development Office (PSWDO) turned over10 sacks of rice to each barangay.

The recipients were women of barangays Banhigan, Zaragosa, Poblacion, Tigbao, Dobdob, Candiis, Sulsogan, Tiguib and Basak.

12722024_10153437552493947_1184377571_nThe rice was purchased from the National Food Authority and will serve as seed capital money to start their retail business. A sack of rice costs P1,500.

“Dakokaayokiniugikatabangsamgapanginabuhi-an labina sa mgapanginahanlanonaronmolamboang among usakaasosasyonmatag barangay,” Cainile said

“Salamatsakaayo sa probinsiya sa Sugbo, labinakang vice-governor Agnes Magpale sa paghatagugpagtagad, sa pagbulignamongka-asosasyon sa mgakababaeng-han. Mao niangsinugdanan sa inyongtabangnahatagkanamo,” Cainile added.

The 20 barangays in Badianhave implemented “Bugasan sa Kababayen-an Program” since 2011.

As of January 2013, the program has a net profit of P128,588, a PSWDO report said.

Social Welfare Officer Marirose D. Lopez, who has been handling the program since 2010, said one of PSWDO’s targets is that these accredited associations can put up a store to make it a cooperative.

“Instead of giving them money, each qualified women’s association is provided with 10 sacks of NFA rice as capital to start this small-scale enterprise”, said Lopez.

“As soon as the project earns profit and becomes stable,, the members can opt to sell other products aside from rice,” she added. Heart Rizarri