Argao Heritage Tour launched

Great news to local and foreign travelers and adventurers! The Municipality of Argao has just launched their own cultural heritage tour called “Celebrate Argao Day Tour Package” last March 31, 2013. The tour allows the guests to experience the historic places, artifacts, food and activities that authentically represent the stories of the Argawanons living in the area, past or present, and make the journey more exciting, fun and memorable.

On the itinerary, tour package includes a river cruise along the tranquil and centuries old mangrove forest and Sombria River, trekking (and swimming if you have the chance) in Talisay and Liki Springs, explore the insides of Riverstone Castle, nature tripping and fish feeding at Argao’s Nature Park and most of all, revisit the past and go on a guided tour around the Cabecera de Argao where you will truly find out more about the town’s rich and colorful history, culture and heritage.

One of the fascinating activities of the tour is a short lecture on Argao’s famous delicacies. Guests will have a chance to learn about Tuba (fermented coconut wine) -making, Torta-baking and Hablon-weaving.

And of course! Guests have opportunity to savor the flavors of Argao with their fresh seafoods buffet at Bien Mar Sutukil in Brgy. Taloot and their famous delicacies, such as the Torta and Tableya (bitter chocolate made from cocao beans) at Jessie’s.

More surprises pile up as the tour draws to a close. In the bus ride back to Cebu City, guests are treated to an exciting game of trivia conducted by the tour guide. The questions relate to the trip so those who pay attention and give correct answers receive delightful prizes.

Kudos to Mayor Edsel A. Galeos together with Mr. Vip Semilla, Mr. Ruel Rigor and Argao Tourism Commission Officer and staff in creating this remarkable project in promoting the cultural heritage tourism of the municipality. Truly an Argawanon pride!

Tour package is available every Thursday to Sunday. Call Argao Tourism Commission Office at (032) 485-8063 for your inquiries.