Alcantara senior citizens avail of free medical-dental services

Holding onto the arms of family members, senior citizens from nine barangays in Alcantara recently trooped to Barangay Poblacion gymnasium to avail of the free medical and dental services from the Cebu provincial government.

The beneficiary lolos and lolas with ages ranging from 60 to 84 were from barangays Cabadiangan, Cabil‑isan, Candabong, Lawaan, Manga, Palanas, Poblacion, Polo, and Salagmaya.

Cebu provincial health doctors Renato Cairo, Henry Calledo, and Manuel Purog with volunteer doctors checked the elderly patients’ health conditions.

Most patients suffered from arthritis, colds and high blood pressure or hypertension.

They were given antibiotics, paracetamol, vitamins, and medicines for hypertension.

Kani akong gipamati, dala na ni sa pangidaron day,” said Lolo Paulo Libatan, 83, from Barangay Cabadiangan.

Some barangays used government vehicles to transport their constituent senior citizens to and from the venue while others lent their private transport. (Fides Palicte)